Communication and Technology Transfer Techniques (CT3)

6 ECTS credits
Actually 2nd semester
1 Sci Commun course, Dotoral School, January (MDP) 18, 19, 20, 22
1 Written Commun, Doctoral School, January (MSP) 7,8, 11, 12
1 Attendance to seminars (blog or dropbox area, uniquely identify students)
2 presencial: 7 2-hour lectures, 6 seminars by technical and managerial staff
0,5 others: 2 r+d proj, 2 presentation r+d proj, 1 res 2.0

Lecture scheduling:

1. Mon 14/12/2015 Room E10
2. Wed 16/12/2015 (10:30) Room E10
3. Thu 17/12/2015 Room E10
No class on Fri 18 and Mon 21
4. Tue 22/12/2015 (10:30)
5-7. In January, TBA. 21 and 29 are available. Afternoon sessions are available too. February also.

Seminars by staff:
2 seminars by Quim Antolín, IQCC
2 seminars by a TT agent (XRQTC)
1 seminar by TT researcher
1 seminar by TT researcher
Seminars by F. Blasco

Fun stuff
PhD Comics

Session content:

1. Communicating in a digital world
  • On this wiki
  • Introduction to CT3 professor: microCV, miniCV, CV
  • Research 2.0. Content curation. Your blog and your social networks. TEDx-like presentations, videos.
  • The Guardian: public engagement vs absolute scholarship
  • "Academics: forget about public engagement, stay in your ivory towers"
  • Digital reputation
  • Open Knowledge, wikipedia

Presentations of earlier lectures and talks:

Assigned tasks:
Think of a suitable unique personal identifier which is available
Create a blog (Wordpress or Blogger) and communicate it
Comment this lecture in the Blog
Backwards comment seminars (or send by e-mail or upload to Moodle)
Curate content of your (academic) choice
Fill out survey

2. (Continued)

Fear of failure, fear of rejection
Competences: managing rumors + repuattion attack, managing evaluation metrics (disagreeing)

Task: create ORCID identifier

3. (Continued)

Ranking research(ers)

Productivity tools, team work
  • Scheduling, the GTD method
  • Brainstorming
  • Mental map, conceptual map

Recommended book: "Y tú, de qué marca eres?", Neus Arqués

Comment ACUP's ranking
Edit a wikipedia article related to iqcc's line of research
Create mental map, create conceptual map

4. Strategic planning and project management
  • Strategic planning and project management
  • Leadership
  • Gamification

5. Project writing

6. Scholarship

7. Critical thinking. Lateral thinking, singularity