1. This is me and my digital circumstances
  2. Let's communicate!
  3. Let's collaborate!
  4. Metrics and outreach
  5. Good practices

Readings, Videos, Key references
In Class Discussion Topics
This is me and my digital circumstances
Being a Science
Communicator Today
PPT Presentation
PPT Module 1 "This is me and my digital circumstances"
Communicating in the present world through the Internet.
Purpose of Communicating Science.
Main challenges.
This is you and your personal circumstances. On the different types of Science
Bonus: personal tools in the Web 2.0
Let's communicate:
storytelling to content curation, gamification, contests.
Sharing. Collaboratins. Reusing.
Personal digital tools. Licensing
PPT Presentation
PPT Module 2 Let’s communicate!
Comment on existing PPT (
Communication - by origin, destination, medium, direction, privacy level, message, etc.
When? Where? Why?
Personal digital tools: Digital survival kit
FIle repository
Let's collaborate!
General Social Media, academic
social networks. Open Science,
Open Data, Open Publishing
PPT Presentation
PPT Module 3 Let's collaborate!
TEDxUdG, Marcel Swart: "I'm a chemist"
PPT "Science Communication 2.0:
changing University attitude through
Science research groups"
PPT "My university has twitter. And now what?
Researcher's CV: from to professional networks: LinkedIn.
ResearcherID, ScopusID, ORCID
Google Scholar, WoK, Scopus
Licensing: Creative Commons
Open Knowledge: Open Data, Open Science, Open Publishing, Researchgate,
Metrics and outreach
From impact to engagement:
how are we doing?
Marketing with a purpose
PPT Presentation
PPT Module 4
PPT "Is digital communication an actual,
clever way to disseminate science?"
PPT "Imagine! - some trends in recreational
science and the pursue of
science careers "
Metrics, Altmetrics. Beyond the Impact Factor.
Rankings, H Index
Science Outreach
Good practices
Good examples and best practices
of what others do.
PPT Presentation
PPT Module 5
Warwick Knowledge Center
University Websites
Best practices of reserachers, research groups and organizations
and of organizing Science communication and providing effective
outreach. Main websites on Science Communication 2.0

TEDxUdG Marcel Swart:

All PPT presentations can be found at