This is the wiki of the course #23keysmooc 23 keys to organize a MOOC, to be successful and to actually enjoy it held in the University of Vigo, 8+9 September 2014

Here are a few key ideas from our earlier presentations and communications

23 keys to organize a MOOC
10 further questions to consider upon thinking of teaching a MOOC
5 reasons not to build up a MOOC... and their positive counterparts, of course

They were collected partially in a poster we presented at #moocaton14 in Malaga, 2014:
23 keys to organize a MOOC and to actually enjoy it

Program and content

Overview (PPT Presentation)

1. Let's talk about MOOCs. MOOC and Moodle comparison (PPT Presentation)

2. Let's plan a MOOC!: Discussion, planning, considering a MOOC, an example (PPT presentation)

3. Let's shoot video!: Discussion, tips and clues (PPT presentation)

4. Let's link resources with a learning flow! (PPT presentation)

5. Let's design assessment! (PPT presentation)

6. Let's foster student collaboration! (PPT presentation)

7. Let's advertise our MOOC! (PPT presenattion)

8. Let's assess the course! (PPT presentation)