These are the keys for #23keysmooc 23 keys to organize a MOOC, to be successful and to actually enjoy it

1.Find an enticing subject
2.Have an expertise on the contents
3.Think about tentative audience
4.Know regulations applying
5.Set your course within a broader project
6.Choose a suitable platform
7.Assign various Open Educational Resources to each submodule
8.Reuse own existing resources and those (open!) from others
9.Shoot short and sustainable videos
10.Take care of good sound and video production
11.Assign each content to actual fulfillment of competencies
12.Link resources to a clear learning path
13.Maintain tension and interest for the course with challenges and rewards
14.Evaluate student progress with intention
15.Mix test, p2p and other tests in equilibrium
16.Use proactively social networks
17.Organize hangouts/Q&A sessions, and discussions on the Net
18.Publish an attractive promotional videoclip
19.Create an interesting presentation video
20.Identify and use the most efficient procedures for international marketing
21.Place surveys before, during and after the course period
22.Make proposals for future improvement
23.Communicate publicly the innovations brought about by the course