Comparing Online courses (eg Moodle) with MOOC

Classical Online Course (eg Moodle)
Many students (Massive)
Limited number of students
Video, the main tool
Video is an element which often is absent
Short video clips
Some recordings of lectures. Too long
Large drop during the first days
Large retention of students
No cost for registration
Quit large cost for registration
Evaluation based on P2P (Pee-to-perr)
No P2P evaluation
Interaction via HangOut
Face-to-face meetings
No specific schedule
There may be a limited schedule
Use of OER (Open Educational Resources)
There may be no OER
Learning flow little scheduled
Learning flow much more scheduled
Free theme
Topics often established and / or closed
Courses rather active
Courses may be less active
The professors finish before starting the course
The teacher is a guide ongoing throughout the year
Evaluation (automatic) is prepared before the course
Evaluation is done in a individual way
Specific platform
Standard platform
Integrated in a marketing structure
No marketing structure
Social community beyond end of the course
No building community
Flexible registrations (even during the course)
Limited starting period registration
No specific date assessments
Specific date for assessments