Promote MOOC!
From the title to the video presentation, our MOOC will be rated by how many students they suggest, just the few, and they call on the network. I will be successful, primarily because we do attractive and relevant, not just interesting.
A MOOC is a massive course, ie a course with many more students than normal period a year at the University. So first of all necessary to have students who register. In a previous issue, already discussed how to encourage students to maintain interest in the course, and there is little drop. But first you need to own the stock of course reach potential stakeholders.
Note: Here's some ideas for a MOOC DIY (do it yourself). Naturally in a MOOC that is part of a strategy of a university policy may be different.
The existence of the course, in a world full of information, it is difficult to convey. The best way, today, is part of the major platforms MOOCs who are interested in having students first. For example, part of the bid MiriadaX facilitates its spread throughout the Latin American sphere. Form of coursera means being visible for a good part of the world that has as reference the Anglo-Saxon system of higher education. They do not serve the usual channels of promotion and masters degrees, as users are quite different. This does not mean you should disregard them, naturally.
This theme, albeit short, we can give some clues as to promote our simple potential MOOC.
To promote the course, you must first of all consider a fundamental need
Having an attractive and appeal each subject or module
The MOOC course we can autohostatjar, scattered use tools and assemble ourselves the course, or use existing platforms (eg Coursera or MiriadaX). So the first class of the platform makes:
The platform itself promotes academic
The MOOC use the network. Now, at least in our immediate environment, the territory nearby fairs of all kinds (eg, international higher education):
Promote the course with classic tools: leaflets, paper, posters, etc.

Ask the institution concerned with promoting the generic tools available
It should clearly explain what the course! So it is good to make clear that there are people behind the MOOC, teachers, and there are ideas, syllabus or lessons:
Reporting the video course, unveiled the team of teachers
It should clearly describe what the course in which a participant can expect, and what work will be asked (and digital skills needed, as is the platform). The more expectations are offered, and students find that deviates from the actual content promoted, there will be more drop. Of course, to do promotion of the course, but it is also nice to be in a frank person can expect. Because everything is, and will be easy target of criticism, if not the league offered to reality.
The MOOC use the net ... it is essential to be clear what is the main target audience and reach in the most efficient and comprehensive:
Promote academic social networks
Making video viralitzant (EPFL eMOOCs2014 quotes: the most Hollywood of course!)
Why not make a video for 20 seconds? Here is where you may spend a little budget, if any, good. There will be time to do self-produced videos. If the video is sexy, is spread through the network.
Riding a blog
Our experience is that it is always nice to have a news system on the course. The MOOC is an instrument of something better: a project related to the field of knowledge that is addressed in the course. So, for example, we created us for the future MOOC magic and science: How to record videos when start, personal presentations of teachers, some motivational games, etc. Later, during the MOOC course, this blog can accompany the activity there is in the platform.
Having twitter account and hashtag
Have facebook page and other social networks
Twitter (and Facebook) are public places where people interact. Use the same hashtag for the course (in short: the MOOC course mount should have a tag). This coming year is "23clausmooc" and we use this to twitter # 23clausmooc. The future course of science and magic #magcimooc we use and have created the account andmagcimooc website.
Locate an identifier that is not caught and that clearly identifies the course!
Additional advice for viralitzant video or video presentation: the participants are people and they like to know what other people say. So what do you think they know better than the people who have already gone through the course or our student that has been in the past? Therefore we suggest
Provide testimonials from previous editions of progress, wealth, or other courses of the same team
In short: be proactive!

Promote the advance of the course start at least 2-3 months before you start.

No longer will promote the teaching of the course itself, people are pointing it.

Make a video viralitzant 20-30 if a video presentation of 3-4 minutes.

Have a unique ID and informative.

Understanding the environment in which you are located: you are part of a strategy for your university, institution, school, group?

Do not do it alone! Make it a team with other teachers.

Do not do it alone! Ask for advice.

Do not do it at no cost! For more DIY it ... there is always a cost.

Do not do it without you adapt to the corporate image!

Do you think this is an adventure. You will learn many things and sure to be very profitable.