Aspects to consider when thinking about the possibility of a MOOC
Why do we do?
Part of an institutional action

It relates to my regular teaching performance

I had an idea that I do not see anyone do: uniqueness

I see that there are people who teaches something, but I think I do know the very best

Topic zero: the bridge between secondary and university education

Theme dissemination of general interest

I want to know how an audience responds goal, I try

Making MOOC learning new tools, virtual teaching, my classroom teaching milloraré

Opportunity to do something new

Topic of interest in a given geographical area

Teaching in a certain language to help promote it (eg, Catalan)

It is a difficult issue, but I am an expert in the world

I have videos available of OCW materials, and can easily take to the MOOC

I have many text or PPT OCW materials available, and can easily create videos for the MOOC

Simply for personal concern and curiosity

It connects with my research

So hopefully become part of a community related to the topic

I have free time and want to invest it in learning how to ride a MOOC
Who is it for?
pre-university students


Masters students

PhD students

Continuing Education Postgraduate

General training for all

Very specific niche market

Little course for a center (no longer "M" OOC)
What is the point?
Absolute zero, or even know what they might be to the course

Zero, but I have an idea of ​​what I can do and

I have PPT presentations and texts

I have videos

I'm doing this course or subject in person

I have nothing, but I'm quite an expert on the subject

I have not much, but I'm fond of the theme