Are not strictly MOOCs, but there are courses that are related. Take a look at a couple of sites where there are small pills training. There are MOOCS but resemble something. Increasingly are offering continuing education of "if you can do something that others do not know, or if you got a particular expertise, assembling an online course to our platform." These sites show how to take ideas from courses, as there is still much to do as there are many opportunities.

Tutellus:; Skillshare:

It is curious and interesting have been true "campus have ideas for MOOCs" which connects with this very topic 2 For example, under the new initiative of the French government MOOCs (CLOT call: Course en ligne ouvert à Tous!) has become a campus ... "11 janvier 2014 MOOCAMP: the Fabrique of MOOCs. concevoir you imagine scenarios of December MOOCs" - http: www.france-Universite-numerique .fr / 11 janvier-2014-moocamp-of-the-Fabrique-moocs.html

CLOT is a participant in the Center-Virchow Villermé. Interesting reflections:

Another MOOC on campus was MOOC24MOOC:

There are many manuals as a MOOC. Here are some:

How to Make a MOOC, Unviersity of Reddit -

DIY MOOCs - Turing Into Massive Micro -

MoocGuide: What is a MOOC (great video!)? Want to make a MOOC?

Design MOOC. Concevoir a parcours dans le cadre of apprentissage a MOOC.

Some teachers are skeptical of MOOCS that have mounted a try. For example in Cristopher Cramer made ​​a thermodynamic despite it not being too confident. It is worthwhile to read the interview he did: "One asks: Want to make a MOOC?" -

OPEN Courseware

There are many documents that talk about, but I suggest as a starting point for the entry of Xavier Lasauca (xavierlasauca) to your blog from the Mediterranean: "OpenCourseWare: more than one online university" - http: