Here are 10 further issues one may consider upon building up a MOOC

1.Are MOOCs the idea closest to the methodology in the Bologna Process?
2.Will MOOCs bring us to Teaching/learning projects, like in Research?
3.Can each academic Group organize its own MOOC and thus its own Teaching-Learning Unit?
4.Is the new role of the professor-teacher rather a facilitator, consultor, dynamizer, coach?
5.Are MOOCs a key element of internationalization?
6.Do MOOCs lead a teaching group to entrepreneurship?
7.Are MOOCs a new way to build bridges between University and its environment/society?
8.Do MOOCs allow to adapt rapidly to changing needs, and to respond to singularization opportunities?
9.Rather than "A Professor organizes a MOOC", should not face-to-face universities exhibit a strategy to use MOOC as an excuse and example to change teaching - and even change themselves?
10.Are we talking about virtualization of classroom teaching, or rather about devirtualizationof online learning?